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wedding catering price raleigh nc



*In addition to the party pricing, the below represents more info/pricing for weddings


Wedding Events

  • ​Weekend weddings require a minimum of 50 guests

  • $4000 minimum for any wedding from May through October

  • A $300 wedding fee which covers additional staff and early arrival ahead of reception 

pizza catering price



This is our standard event pricing information, Weddings and Corporate Events will differ.


Standard Parties

  • 2 hours of service time

  • Full menu of pizza ingredients that you see online



  • Extra per guest for appetizers (depends on selection)

  • Extra per guest for salad

  • Extra per guest for s'mores

  • Extra per guest for beer and wine 

  • Beer and wine service is for 3 total hours.

  • Weekend minimum: $2500

  • Weekday minimum: $1000


catering price raleigh nc



The below represents more information and pricing for corporate events


KISS “Keep It Simple Stupid” Corporate Party​ ​(Pizza only)


  • This is a great choice for simple events, or larger events where there will be other food offered ​​​​​

  • 2 hours of service time

  • $1000 minimum  (this is our minimum for corporate event)

  • Of course you can add appetizers, salads, desserts and beer/wine if desired!

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